1 – 3 september 2023

Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3
Aarhus, Danmark

Galleri Rostrums medlemmar ställer ut på den konstnärsdrivna mässan Juxtapose Art Fair i Aarhus, Danmark.
*Mer information publiceras inom kort*

Utställande medlemmar:
Filip Rahim Hansson
Camilla Howalt
Lars Herman Hegg
Christel Lundberg
Christoph Mügge
Berit Sahlström
Sofie Arfwidson von Röök
Ewa Berg
Pepe Viñoles
Maria Lavman Vetö
Ulrika Pihlström
Tuss Marie Lysén
Robert Forslund
Helga Steppan
Andrés Días García
Gisela Eriksson


Om Juxtapose Art Fair:

Juxtapose Art Fair is a biennial for organizations run by artists.

The word “juxtapose” means to bring together for contrasting effect. At Juxtapose Art Fair, we exhibit different artist-run projects side-by-side, so we can better appreciate the different ways in which artists contribute to the larger art world – with galleries, studios, publishing houses, performance groups, research projects, political activism, etc.

Juxtapose is a non-commercial art fair. 100% of any sales go directly to exhibitors.

Our focus is instead on caring for the artists working in the artist-run sector. We do this through learning and networking programs, such as our Think Tank discussion groups and Nordic Visitors Program. We also do this by making the sector more visible to the public through our Platform and Off-Site exhibitions.

Another way that we practice care is by working as sustainably as possible. We are now in the process of formalizing our approach to sustainability, which has underscored Juxtapose since its inception.