Wednesday 20th February, 19.00 – ”The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn”
– A site specific performance piece by Emma Gustafsson, inspired by Camilla Eklund’s exhibition “Genomgången”.

Sharpen your pencils, prick up your ears and pay very close attention:
Life, on the whole, is loud and meaningless, and one day, you will be one of the 1.8 people who die every second.

Thankfully, Miss G is here to teach you the greatest thing you’ll ever learn to help you get through it all. With the crack of her whip and the advice of – amongst others – Shakespeare, Bill Hicks, Toni Morrison, C.S. Lewis, Morrissey, CrimethINC, E.M. Forster, Trevor Scales, Andrea Gibson, Eden Ahbez, Dolly Parton, Mary Oliver, Rumi, Madonna and Antonin Artaud, she will guide class through a series of life lessons and never-ending homework assignments, to finally arrive at the ultimate wisdom.