IDEALISTICA – The Ideal World Heritage Art Museum
The year is 3018 and we are showing the extraordinary collection in the form of an art archive from Gallery Rostrum. They have used strange methods, not known to us, to conserve and preserve different artworks from 2018. During that time there were such phenomena known as non-profit art galleries, where the artists were working with idealistic views for no money. The richness came from a collective and collaborative exchange between the different artists. This is something that is almost completely unthinkable in our time, but by taking a closer look at the vision they once had, it is our hope that we will be able to get new perspectives on our time. We want you to explore and investigate this archive to bring new ideas into life.
The museum archive consists of preserved artworks that was found by the creatures living in 3018. The museum room has shelves displaying glass jars and other conservation methods filled with artwork and ideas of idealistic art. Each artist of this found archive has worked with a glass jar in different shapes and created their own individual works of art interpreting the theme of legacy through investigating different preservations methods. The art pieces were made by members of the gallery and by external fine artists that exhibited at the gallery during the time of 2017 to 2018.

Gallery Rostrum was founded 1985 in Malmö, Sweden. As an Artist-run non-profit art space, the gallery presented a yearly program of a broad variety of contemporary art through exhibitions, art-projects and culture events with the aim to widen the art scene and to build new paths for art.

We are happy to have found art pieces made by the following artists:
Madeleine Aleman
Jannike Brantås
Cian Burke
Patrik Elgström & Jenny Magnusson Gisela Eriksson
Hannah Federley Holmkvist
Roger Forslund
Rikard Fåhraeus
Cornelia König
Christel Lundberg
Tuss Marie Lysén
Gertie Månsson
Henrik Rylander
Cecilia Sering & Valentin Grigorov
Ulrika Sparre
Carina Stankovich
Helga Steppan
Natalie Sutinen
Annika Svenbro
Pepe Viñoles
Jukka Värelä

Gallery Rostrum, IDEALISTICA – The Ideal World Heritage Art Museum, 3018. From the scene of the discoveries, dated 2018.
Photo: Cecilia Sering and Helga Steppan