Wind – everything connect each other – Rikuo Ueda

Vernissage lördag 20 augusti kl. 12-16
Presentation kl.14
Utställningen pågår t.o.m.11 september 2016

Rostrum presenterar härmed en utställning med Rikuo Ueda från Osaka. Han har tidigare haft flera utställningar i Danmark och i hela världen sedan 1970-talet.


I was waiting for the best day
when I become the surface of a lake
lain in the Tibetan mountains.
It was reflecting everything
since countless thousands of years ago.
I was waiting for the calm day.
Sky dissolved into the lake.
Cloud flowed over the lake.

Birds of passage crossed over the lake.
A sudden wind carried everything away
towards the shore of the lake.
And the sky stretched over us all again.
We have everything already in our hands.

It was when I was twenty three years old,
wandering, traveling around aimlessly.
Snow in Norway,
Dessert in Morocco, Mountains in Afghanistan,
River in India.
In Germany, I wondered about, being penniless, where I met Scots guy, Peter.
He had also no money.

He gave me his own poem for my birthday.
I think we think too much And fail to see
In simple things reflections eternity
We are cut off our own life sources And love lost source of
Joy and Ecstasy.

And in Denmark, I met a wind.

Rikuo Ueda

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