The Installation series of Untitled
(Wishes, Lies and Dreams >> I Wish It Would Rainbow Now…)

Sometimes we master our own faith,
catch the time while you can;
for time will be last…..

I really like to travel, exploring new things; Travelling feeds my creativity, selfdiscovery and inpact approaches and investigations about the world; gaining experiences”.
My journeys are allways filled with inspiration and creativity.

My travelling is so meaningful to me, both for knowledge and also for experiences. Travelling to me is visiting Utopia Stations.
Each station is an Utopia Laboratory Station.
Here I can make my wishes come true, one by one, from one to the next, building the future…Utopia!

Some people say to me: “There is No Utopia!
The world becomes harder and harder, It’s complicated and cracked. The Utopia is already DEAD, But I love to be “Optimistic”. Recently, I have felt a lot of pressure, a lot of worries. But to live without a dream; life would become so very boring!

My new work at Gallery Rostrum, is part of The Utopia, part of another laboratory station, another experience on my travelling path.
It will be yet another step on the way of learning and discovering about my self and the world, the future and the Utopia.

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti has contributed to the development of the media arts through his artistic work and research practices at noted international institutions in Canada, the United States of America, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Egypt, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. He graduated in 1996 from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University and works as a full time contemporary artist.

Solo Exhibitions :
London Art Fair 2010, KIAF-Korea International Art Fair 2008, Japan Foundation Art Gallery, Union Gallery, 24HR Art-NTCentre for Contemporary Art, ProArtibus, Beeoff/Splintermind Project (Video Broadcast Streaming : Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki; Museet for Samtidskunst; Museum of Contemporary Art Atelier Nord; Norrbotten County Museum; Gävleborg County Museum; Jönköping County museum; Gotland Museum of Art and Blekinge Museum), Tallinna Linnagalerii, Mikpoli IT Centre Hall, Blue Oyster Gallery, Art Gallery of Nanyang, Art Gellery Mellanrummet, Organhaus Art Space and The Art Students League of New York

Group Exhibitions
The Kunsthall in Luleå, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Limlip Art Museum, Seoul Museum of Art, , Busan Culture Center Grand Museum, Hankuk Art Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, Alternative Space LOOP, Songsan Art Hall, Seoul Art Center/Hangaram Art Museum, TOU SCENE Contemporary Centre of Art, Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea in collaboration with drodesera>centrale fies, RIXC Centre for New Media, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, ICA-Institute for Contemporary Art, National Centre for Contemporary Art in Russia, Watermill Center, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Ox Warehouse, Elizabeth V. Sullivan Gallery, James Center for the Arts and HF Contemporary Art Gallery.