Rostrum presenterar Karin Maria Pfeifer och Sula Zimmerberger, Flat 1, Wien, Österrike.

Vernissage 7 – 15 augusti 2021

Effects of Altitude
The Viennese artists Pfeifer and Zimmerberger deal with the subject of space in their works, and even though they design it with regard to the ecosystem of air space, it can be assumed that the same messages apply analogously to psychological, emotional or economic spaces. They can protect or constrict, sometimes they are spaces of play. But they are always defined by limiting points of no return.

And when boundaries are crossed, as in Karin Maria Pfeifer’s work “point of no return,” surreal scenes emerge that seem to lack important points of reference. Then the depicted protagonists fly in endless loops through space and time or remain lost in a vacuum. Sula Zimmerberger, on the other hand, defines space through portraits of cloud formations, scientifically nothing more than water particles floating freely in the atmosphere and yet reknowned symbols of the fleeting moment in art. In her work If I could fly I would live in the sky she traces the sensations and reflections that clouds trigger, fantastic formations where none resembles the other, always moving on and constantly changing.

Without boundaries, spaces are infinite, non-experiential neutrums, say the artists. Being and experience emerge through finitude and change.

Karin Maria Pfeifer & Sula Zimmerberger

Karin Maria Pfeifer lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria, 1966, University of Vienna, doctorate 94, study visits to Paris, India, Israel/Palestine, Arlberg Hospice, Hamburg, Hannover f.e., member of Künstlerhaus Wien, IG-Bildende Kunst, Foto-Fluss

Sula Zimmerberger works and lives in Vienna, Upper and Lower Austria, educated at Academie of Fine Art Vienna, member of Foto FLUSS (Foto- und Medienkunst) and Künstlerhaus Wien

Since 2008 Karin Maria Pfeifer and Sula Zimmerberger are founders of the Art Space flat1 in Vienna

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